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Take the dirtiest, filthiest water imaginable…

Let’s start with raw sewage. That’s bad stuff, but not bad enough. So,
to the sewage let’s add some used motor oil, and some stinky, rotten
grease from a restaurant. Then pour in some gasoline, MTBE, some
ethylene glycol (antifreeze), and some chlorinated solvents. Let’s stir
in some nitrate- and phosphate-rich fertilizer, and some pesticides.
Mix in some soluble arsenic, chromium-6, radioactive isotopes, and
perchlorate. Finally, let’s put in some medical wastes and a few
terrorist agents – some botulinum toxin (the most poisonous substance
known), some anthrax spores, some chlorine-resistant
microorganisms, some parasite cysts, poliovirus, HIV-contaminated
blood, and of course, some flesh-eating bacteria. Mix well.

Now…imagine that you could run that mixture through a simple
water-treatment system that (in about ten minutes) will remove the
bad stuff, and produce crystal clear water…clean, pure water that
meets all government standards…healthy water produced at less than
one cent per gallon…drinking water that tastes as good or better than
any bottled water available anywhere.
Welcome to the world of Renova Water Processes. Even if your water
problem is worse than the mix above, we can help. Renova is a Master
Broker/Agent for CES water treatment systems.


                 Ben Thomas, Ph.D.

                 Emmett Abati Doe, Emeritus
         Vice President